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Plan, Act, Dream, Believe and You Will Achieve! ~Marilyn R. Beverley

Leadership Library

  1. Failing Forward John Maxwell

    2.  The 24 Hour Turn Around Jim Hartness and Neil Eskelin

    3.  The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make - Hans Finzel

    4.  The Right To Lead - John C. Maxwell

    5.  Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - John C. Maxwell

    6.  The Art of Leadership - J. Donald Walters

    7.  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership John C. Maxwell

    8.   The Meeting Will Come to Order - Extension  Service 

    9.    Keep Those Volunteers Around Dr. Bill Wittich

  10.   To Lead Is to Serve - Shar McBee

  11.   Advances Strategic Planning -  Aubrey Malphurs

  12.   The Care & Feeding of Volunteers - Bill Wittich

  13.  Twelve Commandments for People - Ann T. White, Ed.D 

  14.   Who I Am Makes A Difference - Helice Bridges

  15.   Chicken Soup For the Volunteer’s Soul

  16.   Secrets of Leadership - Rick Lynch and Sue Vineyard

  17.  101 Ideas for Volunteer Programs Steve McCurley/Sue Vineyard

 18.   101 Ways to Raise Resources Sue Vineyard and Steve McCurley

 19.    P.E.R.M.I.T. Me To Serve You Bernie Young

 20.   T.L.C. Teamwork, Leadership and Cooperation Bernie Young

 21.   Center for Creative Team Building Bernie Young

 22.    When the Shift Hits the Fan Bernie Young

 23.    The Leadership Secrets of Jesus Mike Murdock

24.     We Build People – Making Disciples for the 21st Century Clarensau,Lee,Mills

25.    The Antioch Effect - Ken Hemphill

25.    Bowling Alone Robert Putnam

Movies Recommended

1. Mighty Ducks

2. Crash



Leadership is Followship!

Be A Visioneer!

Plan, Act, Dream, Believe, and You Will Achieve! ~ Marilyn R. Beverley

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