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Visionary Students - Making A Difference In Their World
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Visionary Students - Making A Difference In Their World
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"We cannot wait for great visions from great people, for they are in short supply...It is up to us to light our own small fires in the darkness."  "It only takes a spark to get a fire going!"  "It is better to light one little candle then to stumble in the dark!"

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm with Student Diversity Committee of Port Huron Northern High School


MRB - Motivate...Resolve...Believe, Marilyn R. Beverley - working with PHNH Student Diversity Committee was instrumental in obtaining Certificate of Tribute for the Student Commitee and Meeting with Governor Granholm in recognition of their efforts.

What A Difference One Person Can Make!



Wish It !  Dream It!  Do It!  You Can Make A Difference!

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