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"Let Your Light Shine!"

Wish it...Dream it...Do it!

Wish it! Dream it! Do it!
Marilyn R. Beverley

The most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man.  They are to see, hear, touch, taste, feel, laugh and to love.  Every day of your life impacts others - by word, deed and attitude.  Consider the legacy you wish to leave behind.

Colonial Marilyn R. Beverley
Keynote Presenter, Training Consultant, Breakout Session Presenter, Board Facilitator, Author

Honorable Marilyn R. Beverley, Kentucky Colonel
honored for outstanding contribution as ambassador to
the State of Michigan
the United States and the World!


Marilyn's goal in working with your group:
To educate the mind, touch the emotions, challenge the will,
renew the spirit and to inspire the soul.

Marilyn R. Beverley with Governor Granholm

MRB - Motivate...Resolve...Believe! Marilyn R. Beverley, President/Owner is appointing Governor Jennifer M. Granholm as Kentucky Colonel for Gov. Granholm's outstanding service to the state of Michigan, the United States of America and the world.


MRB - Motivate...Resolve...Believe
is a business designed to give inspiration and motivation to your organization or business.  To help your corporation raise the bar in its customer service to "service excellence"!


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We look forward to meeting you and working with you in the future!
Marilyn R. Beverley,
President and Owner, 
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"If we are salt, if we are light, if we are who we are, we will be what we are to be, we will do what we are to do. Salt salts, light shines.  Enhancing life...bringing hope..."
~Marilyn R. Beverley

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